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PTFE "Task-Line" Gaskets

The Task-Line Gasket is a molded PTFE gasket with a perforated 304 stainless steel insert. The insert restricts cold flow because the PTFE is molded around and through the perforations. The confined PTFE provides a positive seal, even through repeated temperature cycles. 


  • Protects against corrosion with PTFE encapsulating a perforated 304 ss insert
  • Provides critical blowout protection even under pressure and elevated temperatures
  • Can be re-used - reducing replacement costs
  • Replaces asbestos gaskets
  • Prevents porosity problems
  • Eliminates scrap - molded to size
  • Seats easily without re-torqueing, reducing installation costs

Available Sizes (standard ANSI pipe

1/2" 3"
3/4" 4"
1" 5"
1-1/4" 6"
1-1/2" 8"
2" 10"
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